Arriving to your room after a long journey is such a relaxing feeling. You finally get to unload your shoulders or hands and have that first lie down on your bed.

If you’re like me, I don’t get into my full relaxation mode until I have checked out the room and made it feel more like home. This means checking out the bathroom, closet, desk, possibly tv and more, depending on the room. What makes a room welcoming and a good temporary home?

Amenities, Amenities, Amenities!

The Basics

No matter the size of your establishment, guesthouse to hotel, you should always supply your visitors with these items. They should seem obvious to include in a room but, because of this, they can also be easily forgotten!


Click the picture to choose a suitable sized bin that is easy to change and clean.

Yes, we are starting really basic with this. But the bin is an unsung hero! It can say so much about a room, so much so that we wrote a whole other blog about it—read it here. We recommend having one for the main room and one for the bathroom; it saves guests that annoying little distance into the other room to dispose of things. Besides, when it comes to bins, more the merrier, you’ll never know what your guests might need.

Hangars & Luggage Racks

Again, fairly basic but crucial to rooms. No one will be happy with a room where they can’t store items comfortably. Hangars create more space by giving a special area to guests’ coats, jumpers, and ironed clothes. What’s more, they are a great way to dry wet clothes—because, again, you’ll never know what your guests might need. At Hotel Supplies Ireland, we supply any kind of hanger you might want: with or without trouser clips and with or without a security ring. Pick your ideal hangars here.

Luggage racks can be hit or miss for a room.. If you provide one or even two, it’s great. If you don’t provide any, it’s a big miss. Bending over to dig in a suitcase is less than ideal, especially for people staying several nights. Solve this frustration for your guests by shopping HSI’s variety of luggage racks here.

Hair Dryer & Iron

As we move down this list, we enter the territory of items not every location has as standard, like a hair dryer or things for ironing. While you might save yourself a cost in the short run, you will hurt your reviews in the long run. No, not everyone will use these items, but those that want them and don’t have them will be angered. Think of your guests looking forward to a night out in the area or attending a conference, these items are paramount in their getting-ready routine. Don’t let them down and make sure you have everything they need for a seamless iron and dry, styled head of hair.

Kettle & Tray

Tailing our list of basic amenities is the trusty kettle and tray set. You can go basic and just provide a kettle and disposable cups for tea or coffee or you can step it up a notch, or ten, and provide a tray with an attached Nespresso maker. Whatever the extent you decide to provide a kettle, cups, and tray, you can shop options here.

Give Your Guests a Bonus

Do You Have a Pool?

Give your guests slippers! Not everyone brings flip flops or water friendly shoes and everyone definitely hates putting on socks and shoes when they’re wet. Slippers not only give your guests an extra level of comfort, but they give an extra level of cleanliness to your establishment. Shop all our slippers here and pick a style to match your establishment.

Make Them Feel Secure

A little extra peace of mind goes a long way. No one wants the stress and inconvenience of losing a laptop, money, passports, or other valuables. Remove this fear from your guests and equip your rooms with electronic safes.

Fun and Convenience

Last and definitely not least are mini fridges. These are great for providing guests with beverages in their room or, for B&Bs, clearly storing some breakfast items for them. For those instances, a glass door mini fridge is ideal because they can see what’s provided instantly.

Even if you don’t end up providing beverages or food, mini fridges are still a great room addition. They can be used for something small like keeping a water bottle cold for their next adventure, or for those who like to travel with snacks and quick meals to keep them cool and fresh. Whatever purpose you want your fridge to serve, HSI has two types and sizes you can choose from here.