So you’ve decided you want to host people in your home

Maybe you have an additional property, or a spare room (or several) in your home, or maybe you’re looking for a way to make some money on the side. Whatever the reason, it is more popular than ever to rent out homes today; and with technology like Air BnB, renting out homes is easy for anyone to do.

Make sure to do your research first. It’s important to check with your neighbours or landlord if they are okay with you renting out your space. Some landlords don’t allow it as it’s technically subletting, and some neighbours (especially in apartments) might not like the activity of new people constantly coming and going. Once you clear this, you can start preparing your home for guests.

Clean it Out

You will be turning your home into a form of a hotel, and so that means you will have to keep it like a hotel: spotless. The area you want to rent will be under your care, but belong to your guests during their stay. This means you have to remove random items and give the place an intense decluttering.

Along with decluttering is depersonalizing your area. While a personal touch is nice, too much might be taken advantage of or seem gross to guests. Make sure to clean out your bathroom of any unsanitary used items, and any sentimental knicknacks or items out of the kitchen and rest of your home. It’s unfortunate to say, but stolen or broken things are common when renting to strangers. It should go without say, but also make sure your personal devices and important documents are always in a safe space as well.

With a more or less bare space, you can take a step back and look at your furniture. That sunken sofa might be comfy to you, but it will seem a bit run down to your guests. Think about what kind of vibe you want to give your guests, the quality of your furniture will also determine how high you can price your space. Look at the rest of your items and note their conditions in case they are damaged by renters. Anything that is already damaged, consider replacing too.

Dress It Up

So you’ve cleaned your space to rent out, it’s time to make sure it’ll be a comfortable stay for your guests. In your deep clean, some items might have been removed that guests will still need. Go through our extensive list and make sure you have it all for them

Kitchen Items

  • First and foremost, have enough plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, and utensils. A few of each is fine, but determine how many you need by how many people you would host. If you are worried about things being broken, go with a classy glass alternative.
  • Have at least one tray, pan, and pot for their cooking needs.
  • If you want your guests to be able to clean up after themselves, make sure you have fairy liquid and a sponge/cloth at the ready.
  • If you want to offer your guests breakfast or basic food items, make sure you display them in a nice and sanitary way. Use storage jars with scoops to store fruit, cereals, or pasta in a cute, tidy way. Use trays to keep like items in an easily movable area, such as butter, and other condiments.
  • If you don’t want to offer food, at the very minimum you should offer tea and coffee. This is a comfort of home, don’t make your guests go walking just to get some.
  • Also, always make sure you have a corkscrew. Many guests travel to enjoy themselves and not being able to open their bottle of wine could cost you rating points in the review. In addition, the alternate methods to opening wine are usually messy and dangerous—not something you want to deal with.


  • The first thing we think of when we think guest bathroom are the toiletries. It’s up to you if you want to offer individual minis or mounted dispensers. Additional toiletry items you can supply guests with are shaving kits, sewing kits, extra tooth brushes, or shower caps. These might not be used often, but are nice to have to offer.
  • Make sure the other bathroom accessories are up to par. It’s recommended that you change your shower curtain at the beginning of renting and every few months after.
  • Another important feature to a bathroom is a hairdryer. 85% of people use hairdryers, and especially when they travel! Avoid any complaints in your reviews and keep one on hand.
  • If you want to snazz up your place and your ratings, choose a tissue box cover to complement, or an additional mirror.


  • Offering more than a bed and linens will help your place’s ratings and may even let you set your price higher. Make sure there is ample storage for your travelers in the form of wardrobes (don’t forget the hangars), dressers, desk. luggage racks, and maybe even a safe.
  • Depending on your area, having an iron in the room is a good idea. Don’t bother if your home is outdoorsy or remote. If you’re in a city, especially near the center, make sure to give your guest the means to dress sharp.

All Around

  • You probably haven’t forgotten this one, but you should make sure it is in every room: a bin. And always with your bins, or in an easy to find place, extra bin liners.
  • Whether you will clean up after your guests, or you’ll hire someone to do it, having a closet of cleaning supplies is handy. They’re nice to have when you need them, but in case of an accident, it’s even better for your guests to have them. Keep a mop and bucket, brush, and some miscellaneous products in a tidy caddy to be prepared.