Bedroom Double Layers Bin 8 Litres – Chrome,Hotel Supplies Ireland,Hotel Bins,Chrome Bins

Product Information

  •  Made Of High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel
  •   Resists Fingerprints and Rust.
  • Inner Bucket Lifts Out For Easy Trash Disposal.
  • Ideal for B&B’s, Hotels, Inn’s and Guesthouses Whereever Space is Limited
  • Finish: Fingerpint- Proof, Resists Smudges to Keep Stainless Steel Gleaming
  • Anti-Skid Base, Effectively Keeps the Floor From Being Scrtached
  • Size: 19*23.5*34.5cm
  • Colour: Chrome 
  • Pack: 1 Piece Per Box 
  • Price: Of 1 Piece

Bedroom Double Layers Bin 8 Litres – Chrome

 21.45 (Ex VAT)

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