Let’s talk about trends, baby! đź™‚

Trends are things in the market that are beginning to rise; they may not be key factors as of yet, but it’s likely they soon will be.  Trends can also act as a catalyst for new thoughts and ideas, providing inspiration for profitable growth. The bottom line is Irish suppliers who wish to flourish and thrive should keep trends at the heart of their business.

There are a few big trends identified for 2021 that will continue to grow in 2022

  • Sustainability & Plastics
  • Origin & Provenance
  • Health & Wellness.

As someone in the hospitality industry, you likely already have strategies in place for the well-being of your guests and employees.  The trends you may not have taken advantage of yet are the sustainability and origin related trends.  This blog is going to explain to you why they are important and how you can incorporate them into your business.

Sustainability & Plastics

Consumers will buy the change they wish to see in the world. 80% of Irish consumers, “worry about the effect all their packaging has on the environment”. By incorporating sustainable products, you’re demonstrating that you hear and understand your consumer’s concerns; furthermore, you’re showing them how your brand can be part of the solution.  Relating to your customers this way also adds a level of authenticity to your brand that leads customers to trust in you!

Sustainability Benefits Your Company

Sustainability encourages innovation and efficiency among your employees.  When you begin to incorporate sustainable products into your supply chain, it encourages you to look at other areas of the business that could be improved for the better.  The upfront overhaul of your business will pay off as your business benefits from the more efficient processes, products, and enhanced reputation.

2 Litre Food Storage Container SKU:006001

“Sustainability” is a big word but that doesn’t mean becoming sustainable has to be a big task.  Make several small steps to sustainability and you will be there in no time.  A good place to make your first step is in and around your food stuffs.  Food, kitchens, and ­delivering that service to your guests can have many wasteful byproducts.  While each on its own may be small, they accumulate to a lot. Look at what you are serving, are things like bread, butter, sugar, or tea individually wrapped?  Invest in fresh baking, either done in-house or locally, and refillable containers for the commonly used foods.

Look at items you or your guests typically throw out but are necessary to keep.  A big one that comes to mind are straws and disposable coffee cups, these are the foundation of convenience and allowing your customers to enjoy your brand outside the property

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Instead of altering their re-usability, alter their recyclability.  New technology now allows us to manufacture biodegradable and compostable cups and straws.  Not only are these great for the environment they are great on your bottom-line cost of good and cost of disposable.  Show your guests you care with these ECO-FRIENDLY products.

Origin & Provenance

Consumers have the tendency to invest in their own, AKA buying local. There are many reasons people choose products of Irish origin over others, sometimes it is the availability, the quality, or the sense of community.  But the main reason is the positive effects buying Irish has on the Irish economy.  You are essentially investing in the stability of the Irish future for yourself and others. 

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Parting Advice

When considering a supplier for your hotel products, turn to Hotel Supplies Ireland.  Our diverse team understands the needs of both you and your customers.  Order Irish and tell your customers you do too, over two-thirds of Irish consumers choose to support the economy.  You may not think it at first, but your investment in an Irish business allows investments in your Irish business possible.