Hotels purchasing portable dance floors are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, as Irish hotels now regularly cater for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, live shows, and corporate events.

The mobility and easy installation of portable dance floors allows organizers, event planners and event coordinators to easily transport them between different locations and areas of the hotel with ease of access and with minimum hassle.

Dance Floors Come in a Wide Variety of Colours & Styles

Buy, Don’t Rent

Hotels are now making the decision to purchase, instead of renting, the portable dancefloors.

Hotels with storage and permanent access to a portable dancefloor, immediately eradicates the hassle of having to deal with the rent middleman.

Think of ALL the research, ALL the meetings, ALL the organising, ALL the negotiating!  And this is required EVERY TIME for EACH EVENT which requires a dancefloor! Yikes! This can be draining and having to rely on another service’s delivery time, price, etc. can be stressful to everyone involved.

So why put yourself through the hassle?

Access to a Portable Dancefloor Increases the Chances of Your Venue being Chosen by Event Organisers

Guests love the Idea of a dancefloor being installed ANYWHERE.

Dancefloor in the lobby? Sure.

Lounge bar? Why not?

Restaurant? Go for it.

Such is the ease of installing and dismantling of these dancefloors, you can easily manoeuvre the dancefloor between different areas of the hotel at different times.

A Jazz band playing a set in the Lounge bar at 4pm? But Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals are in the function room at 7pm? Not a problem!  

Typically, installing takes 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of floor, Dismantling takes 30 minutes approximately, meaning you can utilize the floor numerous times, even on the same day.

Why go with Hotel Supplies Ireland Dancefloors?

Our wooden and laminate interlocking tiles (1.2m x 1.2m) create a form of sprung floors that have been made mobile and portable and they provide the much needed levelled and non-slippery surface for any dancer.

They absorb shock, are sturdy and soft all at the same time. The best ones greatly improve performance and help to mitigate dancing injuries.

These floors are not just portable and mobile, they are also very easy to install on any non-piercing surface, in any area, and on most platforms.

They are easily stored. The best thing about these floors is that they are simply great for dancing.

  • Easy to install / dismantle
  • Low profile & sloped edging – reduces trip hazards / wheelchair friendly
  • Lacquered plywood base – helps against moisture / damp ingress
  • Ribbed battens on rear of panels – aids grip on carpets
  • No parting during use
  • No tools / screws needed – interlocking floor
  • Laminate & Wooden Floors w/ Aluminium Framing Available
  • Variations Available – Style, Colour, etc
  • Framing Colour Variations Available – Silver, Gold, Black, etc

Contact us for more information if you want to get your groove on!